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B B Eye Foundation

Sukhsagar Building
2/5 Sarat Bose Road, Near Minto Park
Kolkata - 700020, West Bengal
Phone: 033 2474 8816, 2474 6608
(Tue | Wed | Sat)

B B Eye Foundation VIP

Shree Tower 2, RAA 36, Raghunathpur
Near Big Bazaar, VIP Road
Kolkata - 700059, West Bengal
Phone: 033 2570 0097, 8420 211 222
(Monday | Thursday | Friday)

Pediatric Cataract Surgery

Secondary IOL
Posterior lenticonus

Ped Cataract, Small Pupil

Lensectomy high cut rate edited

My First Encounter with a World So Dark

Posterior Capsulorrhexis Techniques in Pediatric Cataract Surgery

Subluxated lens in a child – A Challenge

Pediatric Subluxated Lens

Pediatric Uveitic Cataract

Routine Pediatric Cataract Surgery

Cionni Ring for Subluxation

Lensectomy in Infants

Posterior Lenticonus

Posterior Lenticonus in infant

Pupilloplasty – Post Cataract Surgery

Secondary IOL implantation in children

Subluxated IOL in Child

Adult Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery in gross zonular weakness

Taming the soft cataract

Nucleus Drop
Anterior Chamber IOL, Vitreous in AC
Brunescent Cataract
Scleral Fixation of Subluxated Bag

Pediatric Eye Trauma Repair

Iris Repair
Traumatic Cataract Ruptured Anterior Capsule
Traumatic Cataract, Zonular Dialysis
Traumatic Cat Posterior Subluxation

Squint Surgery



Inferior Oblique Weakening

Inferior Rectus Recession

Posterior tenectomy of SO